Sunday, September 25, 2016

Special Report: Benson Sculpture Park. Loveland, CO

A beautifully landscaped park to show off the sculptures

We're way behind on our culture/museum stops.  At the last minute, we headed over to one of Loveland's famous sculpture parks.  I'm not sure why we didn't do this sooner.  It's free.  It's a great walk.  It would have been a short bicycle ride!  And there are several in the city that I wish I had more time to explore.  Definitely, next year!

I could come back here many times to play with the sunlight

He's AWESOME (and huge)

Gently moving in the breeze
I didn't have the right daylight for many of the sculptures.  And some just have to be seen in person...
This one is made out of metal (most are bronze cast)

And of our favorite...

Look closely...

It's stainless!
Fabulous detail. 

Just stunning craftsmanship!
This is another reason it's worth going out of your way to stop in Loveland!

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