Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Position Report: "SMS from"

I'm not sure if this is a step forward or a step back.  Our Iridium GO! will send position updates to a family member's email but not to social media.  I found a work-around but it's not pretty (I can't edit or add to what is sent).  Here's how it works:  click on the 2nd blue link below to see our position on Google Maps.

"Lat+38deg36'38" Lon-90deg41'11" Alt+738ft GPS Sats seen: 06 2016-10-12 20:18UTC Sent via Iridium GO!"

Here's what you should see.  You can also zoom in & out:

So, in the future, if you see the text in quotes above, you'll know what to do.  It means we've moved so go the Google Earth to check out our location!  (Remember, blog emails go out to the next day, you may may have to visit our blog page or FaceBook page, for the most up to date information)!

Note to fellow users:

  • To the "Track" button (Iridium GO App, "Settings", "Track" then "Quick GPS Recipients").  It eventually goes through, even without proper formatting.

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