Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Road trip! Off to Colorado

I largely neglect our Twitter page except to post blog updates and while we're moving. Winnebago responded to our maintenance manual post!
We are spending October in Colorado visiting family.  We try to avoid being on the road over holidays and with Labor Day on the 5th, we get rolling early.   We are spreading the drive over three days with the goal of being tucked into the campground the Thursday before the holiday weekend rush starts.  (Ironic, since we used to do this drive in one day--12 hours straight through--and made fun of those who didn't!  Spare time is a wonderful thing!)

Our destination is Boyd Lake State Park in Loveland, Colorado.  It's a popular spot with locals on weekends and we squeaked in by booking a month in advance (losing a site and finding another site while trying to consult the calendar and The Colonel).

This is our first time towing the car and we are quickly stopped on our way out of Sundermeier RV Park.  Turns out it wasn't because of concern over the tow bar hook-up but "You aren't headed back to Florida already are you?"  Ha, ha.  Nope, we're going the other way!

Facebook:  "On the move after sitting in one place for a month!  We're not used to that. Colorado bound."

Traveling is exhausting!  Thank goodness Princess Amelia has access to the couch while we're moving...
"Is the house moving again?  I'm not talking to you!"

Facebook:  Lunch stop on the first day is Oak Grove, MO.  "The same stupid white Nissan has been tailgating us since we left!  Oh, that's our car...   Bahahaha"

Facebook:  "Passing through my hometown. Go Royals & Chiefs!"

Lots of "green" for an RV park

Stop 1, Deer Creek Valley RV Resort.  Topeka, KS:  After lunch, I ended up on the couch with an upset stomach (crew member down!).  Then we hit a small rain shower with more gloom on the radar.  The Colonel pulled over at a rest stop before Topeka to:
1) call our second choice stop (first choice hadn't called back)
2) bring the iPad back so I could reprogram the directions
Then he had to:
3) go in to check in on arrival.
4) set up on his own
5) make his own dinner & toast for his wife
Yep, he appreciates everything I do!

We ended up stopping 20 miles short for the night.  This turned our to be a great stop.  $39.60 (Good Sam).  Large pull-thrus, large grassy areas between pads and the park is surrounded by trees (second best to parking under a tree).  Great atmosphere.  Staff is very friendly (and reviews say the bathrooms are immaculate).

Bonus:  the rain showers didn't arrive until after we'd gone to bed.  An overall good day.

Stats:  313 miles

Ahhhh, beautiful Kansas with light rain thrown in for variety!

Lunch stop, day 2:  Flying J Truck Stop, Salina, KS.

The windmills of breezy Kansas always make me smile
Despite all the jokes, Kansas can be beautiful!

This afternoon's road trip music:
Pandora's Southern Rock Radio...
"Somebody is gonna hurt someone before the night is through..."
"There's gonna be a heartache tonight, a heartache tonight, I know!..."

I do miss the fabulous sunrises & sunsets from the boat, but we still keep an eye out.

Stop 2, High Plains Camping.  Oakley, KS:  This was a bare bones stop but the options get sparse in western Kansas.  It turned out to be a decent facility.  The owner's keep it tidy and are very enthusiastic.  They even convinced us to check out the adjacent restaurant but it turned out to be a little disappointing.  Oh, well.  At least I didn't have to do dishes!

Stats:  309 miles

For people who skipped last winter, this is chilly!  Digging out the flannel jammies!

Day 3:

Hanging with the big boys!
An advantage to a Class A RV is we sit up high with a great view. How high?  The Colonel requested a pic as a semi goes by because "they look so close!"  (They are close!). It took him awhile before he realized many were waving. Got the perfect shot today--see the stuffed animal in the window?  We're up here with the big boys!

Mountains in sight--a little hazy today.

Spot #17

Destination, Boyd Lake State Park:  Check in was interesting.  We accidentally turned into the office entrance instead of the main gate.  I quickly panicked, thinking I'd directed The Colonel into a dead end but he maneuvered the round-about like a champ (we saw several large rv's make the same maneuver during our stay).  It gave me opportunity to purchase a state park pass ($70 for the year, versus $8/day in addition to the $23 campground fee.  We'd later learn our family didn't have a state park pass either, and paid $8 to come in to greet us!)

Stats:  289 miles

A view of the lake or the mountains. Pick your seat.

Welcome to Colorado--sunset over the mountains.

Catching up on some paperwork.  Leg One from FL to St. Louis was 1395 miles.  Leg Two from St. Louis to Colorado was 904 miles, for a grand total of 2299 miles in Odin the Winnebago in two months!  Certainly much faster than the Odin the Sailboat!

Road route map for leg two is up (interactive--zoom in and switch to satellite to see the rv parks):  https://goo.gl/maps/rKa2WVAtPBq

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