Why blog?

Why we blog:
When we told our family and friends from Missouri we were moving onto a sailboat full-time, they thought: 1) We were crazy.  Possible. 2) It sounded dangerous.  Also possible.  3)  "I didn't know people did that!"  Me neither!
The blog is to let them know: 1)  We're still alive and we haven't sailed off the edge of the earth 2) To educate them on our lifestyle (Yes, we have a bedroom/berth, bathroom/head, and kitchen/galley.  Yes, we go to the grocery store and cook most of our meals on the boat.)  3)  It really is cheaper than living in our house  4)  You really can get around without a car  (How badly do you want that 12-pack of beer?)

We have a few friends who are interested in doing the same thing when they retire.  They want to know the good, bad and ugly along with "everything the Captain fixes or can't fix"  (didn't get the bottom end off of the outboard and the a/c still doesn't work).  Besides that, he stays busy enough--sometimes "changing the dinghy outboard oil so there's something to write in the maintenance log for today."

We have quite a few friends who have lived vicariously through our travels in the past and want to hear about the places we visit.

We have a few sailboat friends who like to compare notes.

Our fellow "foodie" friends who love the pics & recipes (one of the few things that is still regional in our land of chain restaurants/stores).

Some friends just want to see sunrise/sunset pictures.

And we've met a few friends along the way who share tidbits as we go (eat here, stop at this museum, don't miss Ocracoke/Cape Fear/Oriental!)

That's a lot of ground to cover, but we love the input.  The emails, comments and "likes" show somebody is reading the blog.  And the questions show us you are doing more than looking at the pictures (because posting pics on Facebook is far less time consuming).  It's also been fun to look back at our "journal" and see where we were last week or last month.  Keep it coming...

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