Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Meet the grandbaby!

I'm behind on the blog because RV life was a little slow while we sat in one place for a month, but I have too many pics for one post!  Let's start with our first Grandbaby, born the day before we left for the Bahamas!

Meeting the Grandbaby.  

Pass the baby so Mom can enjoy a dinner out.
Airplane with Grandpa (or grab the glasses, depending on who is faster!)
"And then what happened?"
"Grandpa, can you hold me up?  I'm a little busy here..."
"And this is my favorite toy--a tube of diaper ointment."
Pics we send Mom while she's at work #1

What's actually happening while she's at work...
"What episode of Walking Dead are we on..."

"Stun em then hit em with the flamethrower..."

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