Monday, May 29, 2017

Adding a custom widget to your blog

Windy widget or gadget on the right-hand sidebar

There are widgets (or as Blogger calls them, Gadgets) available for your blog, but as sailors, some of ours are customized.  I also have a double sidebar (on the left & right) so some need resizing.

Many of your favorite websites will have HTML code for sharing a widget on your website/blog in their FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions).  Here's a simple one to start: is a fun website showing wind & current all over the world!  (try zooming in on the Mona Passage between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico on a windy day.)

To get their "HTML code" you can do a Google search "Windy widget" or go to,14.383,5

Windy Widget options

They give you the option of "Animated Map" or "Forecast for one location".  For this example, I chose "Animated Map".

Now let's adjust some settings...

  • Use the map on the right to drag then zoom in & out to find your desired location.
  • I resize to "width 200 px x height 200 px".
  • Adjust "Overlay" for wind or waves from the drop down menu.
  • Now you're ready to copy and paste the HTML code at the bottom.

I use Blogger (WordPress calls it a Widget), so: 
  • Log in at
  • "Layout"
  • On the sidebar, "Add Gadget"
  • "HTML/Javascript"
  • Paste into "Content"
  • "Save"
  • ("Preview")
  • "Save Arrangement"

Stay tuned for creating your own Google Maps and adding them to your Social Media or blog page.

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