Wednesday, December 14, 2016

RV Projects: Solar

This is how I usually become aware of a pending project.  It may have been mentioned in passing during a conversation.  Other times, I see the Director of Maintenance of Odin staring at something.  I can almost see the wheels turning.  Occasionally, I ask.  "What are you thinking about?"  "Nothing."  He's still working it out.

And then one day, after being distracted by FaceBook all morning, I realize he's gone.  I trip over a few tools.  Hmmmm, I better investigate, ie. go take some "before" pictures.

I hear foot steps on the roof, so I head out & up the ladder.  I've never successfully made it all the way onto our roof, but something is happening over there...

We had discussed taking the old King Dome off.  The dealer told us it was disconnected & we had no intention of fixing it.  However, removing it would leave some holes The Colonel wasn't ready to deal with yet.

HOWEVER, it's time. He's decided to put a solar panel in it's place (the exact one that we have four of on our sailboat), in the hopes of keeping our batteries healthy over the winter.  Heck, yeah!  I'm a big fan of alternative energy.

Back inside, on the ceiling of the living room, is the crank for the King Dome.  The most interesting part was discovering when the crank was removed, the foam insulation in our roof is over 3 inches thick!  Nice!  (The Colonel made a nice blanking plate to cover the hole.  You don't even notice.)

The solar panel is here!  The solar panel is here!  We allow airflow underneath our solar panels on the boat, but that's not desirable on an RV doing 60 mph down the road!  He fabricates a custom forward bracket to reduce lift.

Before:  Yes, our RV actually had a little solar panel & it worked!  But not enough oommph for a Missouri Winter.  (Look, I'm wearing jeans.  Brrrrr.)

After:  Yeah!  We have solar!  He was able to run the wires down through existing holes to a forward electrical relay panel.  Easy peasy.  It won't run the a/c but it will charge the batteries, we hope.  Stay tuned.  I'll update next June!

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