Thursday, December 15, 2016

RV Project: Upgrade TV

 The TV in the living room of our RV was an older (but not the original) TV.  The screen wasn't great and it was definitely in the way, considering our tethering setup (See the blog "cheapskates-on-move-tv-movies").  The TV in our bedroom was better!  The Colonel had been considering changing it for awhile, and then just before we get ready to put the RV in storage...

I also have a few little projects going.  
FaceBook post #1:  "The good news?  The storage unit is officially GONE!  Yeah!  The bad news?  Five bins of pics that didn't get scanned before we left.  I'm guessing a bin of airplanes, a bin from high school/college, a bin of my baby pics, a bin of family.  Who knows what's in the last one.  2 1/2 weeks to get this done because these CANNOT stay in the Winnebago.  Wish me luck (I already forgot the printer cord--not a great start...back to the store)"

FaceBook post #2:  The #tinyhouse project has begun.  I managed to condense 4 bins of photos down to 1.5 last night while watching tv (because why take one roll of pics at the botanical gardens/zoo/air show when you can take 4!). 

After fiddling with some settings this morning, I have my new Canon MX490 scanning pics faster than I can create iPhoto albums, email those albums to friends/family, and post random photos to FaceBook.  (They go straight from the "scanner utility" to iPhoto which, according to a Google search, is impossible...). 

A project that previously took months may be down to days (hint:  I thought I had removed them ALL from frames, but alas, I didn't.  Big time & space waster).  I've also discovered many of the photos can be divided into 4 distinct groups so I'm stuffing them in the envelopes (after emailing the scans) and I'll pass them on to those who may want them.  

(And if you know where I can get 7 rolls of 35mm film & 2 disposable cameras developed, let me know!)

I also defrosted the fridge.  But you didn't come here to hear about my projects.

I actually get called to duty to help.  That almost never happens. You may remember from previous posts, it's a big awkward TV in a cabinet above our heads!  Less worried about breaking the TV this time, it still takes awhile to find & loosen all the attachment points.

It's down!  As you can see, this clearly isn't the original TV.  This mounting cabinetry was built to hold one of the older-style tube TVs.

It turned out to be a much thicker steel bracket (1/8th"?) than The Colonel anticipated (WELDED in place!).  Instead of running to the airport to get some tools, he elected to run to the hardware store and buy a cut-off wheel and mandrel.  They weren't quite up to the job, but now he was determined.  (I volunteered to run back to the hardware store for more cut-off wheels!)

"Did you ever buy a step stool?"  No.  Balancing on a plastic milk crate, barefoot with a power tool in his hand.  I barely notice anymore.  (Yes, my delicate boy broke the $4 WalMart crate.)

Success!  A significantly reduced foot print.  Also, easier access to the back of the new TV for all of our gadgets.

The good news:  the old TV cabinetry would have survived a zombie apocalypse.  The bad news:  the old TV cabinetry would have survived a zombie apocalypse!  This thing was built like a Mack truck  Freightliner!  That TV was never coming down!  It took him all day to cut it out.  People may complain about the poor workmanship of newer RV's, but this puppy wasn't just thrown up there.

He fabricated a few blanking plates, but for the most part, you can't tell it's not the original TV mount.  The new TV is much more compatible with the laptop resolution.  However, it also turned out our new "smart" tv wasn't so smart.  We tried setting it up to stream directly from the RV parks wifi (one of the few RV parks that actually allow & advertise that!) but as I tried to warn him, our smart tv isn't so smart.  You'll have to come back next June to see how that shakes out.


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