Thursday, April 30, 2015

Special Report Leg 1 ICW

Leg 7:  Fort Monroe, VA (Norfolk) to Deep Creek Lock on the ICW:   
Sunrise Ft Monroe anchored next to Kintala
We're a power boat for the next several days.  Anchor is up by 7:30 am and we waved goodbye to Kintala.  We crossed the second busiest shipping channel in the U.S. and passed the Norfolk Navy piers.  We saw every kind of boat you could imagine.  We officially pass the ICW mile marker "0" at Hospital point and then the bridges & locks started.  The Captain is at the helm with the First Mate calling out bridge mileage and opening times.  (I have started using Garmin Blue Chart on my ipad with Active Captain, which gives us a lot more info on the fly.)  

Not sure what was going on here but the Navy patrol had us move to the other side of the channel...

Traffic!  Container ship with a tug

Bridge #1 Belt Line Railroad Lift

Bridge #2 Jordan Highway Fixed Bridge

Bridge #3 Norfolk & Western Railroad Lift

Bridge #4 & #5 Gilmerton Lift & Norfolk Southern #7 Railroad Bascule

Bridge #6 Interstate 64 Highway

We made the turn for the Dismal Swamp route and are suddenly in a peaceful, green, beautiful waterway.  We missed the Deep Cut lock opening by 15 min, which works out.  We tie off to a dolphin (pilings), set up lines & fenders for the lock, then grab a snack and relax.  The lock master opens the first gate 15 minutes early, so we can get set up.  Harry was very nice and SO helpful.  After we tell him we are staying at the free dock after the lock, he tells us where everything is in town (We see him in town later, opening the bridge and he waved).  We waited for 2 other boats, which turned out to be an off-duty lock master, who offers advice and more info on the ICW and Dismal Swamp.

Tied up to a "dolphin" outside the lock

Entering our first lock

Reaching the top of Deep Cut Lock

And the gates open

We docked at Elizabeth's free dock in front of a trawler. Our docking is improving!  The Captain is learning to manuever more precisely and the First Mate is learning to throw lines, give instruction to people on the dock and techniques for securing lines.  The high was 76F and I actually broke a sweat.  We're not complaining!  We walked into town for an early dinner and find a great Thai/sushi place (seriously, it was excellent).  We made a quick stop at the grocery store and hardware store then we're back to the boat to eat ice cream in the cockpit (no liquor store.  We're out of rum, but still have beer and wine).  One water valve is replaced so the aux water tank is useable again. Lokie's (starboard engine) idle is adjusted (per our neighbor at the free dock--a former Yamaha dealer).  

Stats:  Total time 3:42.  5.5 avg speed.  20.4 miles.

Docked at Elizabeth's free dock just after the lock

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