Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Settling in (Part 2)

The local rowing club heading back in at 6:30 am
Day 11 (Sat):  THE SUN IS OUT!  THE SUN IS OUT!  THE SUN IS OUT!  The Captain is in shorts & barefoot on deck.  Amelia the cat is taking a nap (on top of the blankets).  I've taken a sabbatical from all cleaning & errands.  Scrambled eggs (on the gas stove!) for breakfast and a smoothie in the Nutribullet for lunch (passed the electrical draw on solar panels test!).  The kayak finally splashed today, and I discovered the creek past our marina is excellent for paddling.  There are some big houses with private docks then it meanders down to 1 ft of water and turns into a reed-lined wildlife area with only the sound of the birds in the trees.  
Yep, the oven works!
After a second exterior scrub, the Captain deemed the cockpit a no-shoe zone (the interior received this designation a few days ago, after a hands-and-knees scrub).   I predicted a shoe would end up in the water--it did.  Mine.  (A couple hours and I didn't do it!)  Yes, it was fished out--turns out Teva's float?!  Drinks & afternoon snacks were in the cockpit.  Baked potatoes are in oven the oven for dinner! (The oven reach a temp of 400F, confirmed by a secondary oven thermometer.  SCORE!)  
"Wipe yer paws!"
(Overnight, a raccoon that we had been warned about, came on deck and left muddy footprints.  I should have bought the "Wipe yer paws" welcome mat instead.  The Captain was not happy. He's back out scrubbing the deck.)
Katana Sushi
Day 12 (Sun):  I purchased some supplies for our first aid kit.  Then I went for a walk to the grocery store (because we needed vanilla extract, I was tired of running errands, and I needed some exercise!)  Captain when out for a dinghy ride and then cleaned up the minivan.  Then we drove to Quiet Waters for a reconnaissance of our first anchorage.  Suddenly, it was 5:30 so we stopped at Katana Sushi for dinner.  Upon returning to the boat, we began securing things for the next morning and I worked on a "Leaving the dock" checklist.

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