Sunday, July 23, 2017

Working our way back. Brewer's Beach, USVI

A Brewer's Beach sunset
Whew!  Way behind on the blog.  Here are the photos and random thoughts you missed if you don't follow us on FaceBook:

"Drinking tea outside this morning, enjoying all the early a.m. activity that is Brewer's Beach. I'm leaning over the side, watching the tarpon have breakfast, when a pelican dives into the water, 4 feet in front of my face. I can hear the WHOOSH of air just before he splahes down. Tea spilled."

Things you need on a boat:

1). Metal skewers.  I'm not sure why I bought these.  We seldom used skewers at home.  Maybe I thought we would be grilling veggies more.  Anyway, they get used for lots of other things.  Today The Captain absconded with one to clear a locker drain...

2).  A really BIG magnet on a really LONG string.  Inevitably, a tool will go overboard.  It's the sound you hear when a kid breaks a toy.... "{splash} AWHHHHHH...".  A ratchet went in today.  He could see it, but we're anchored on 25 ft of water.  I was willing to get in but I can't dive that deep.  Out came the magnet on 30 ft of string!  A boat moves a LOT even in relatively calm water.  Add in some current.  It took me awhile.  The ratchet was under the boat and then "Whoops on the outside of the hull!"  "Nope!  Now I'm inside the hull...".  Got it!

Another beautiful sunset...


Puerto Rican Pastelon--it what's for dinner!  I had been wondering what to do with those frozen plantains I saw at the store.  The Captain said it sounded terrible but ate a bowl, even after catching me pour an egg over the top.  I LOVED it.  Hamburger, bell pepper, onion, tomato sauce & cheese.  What's not to love?  More leftovers for me.  I primarily used this recipe but followed some tips from a second one (added more spices).  Standby for a full write-up over at #OdinEats:


"Don't be alarmed. This is smoking...". Wait, what?  
It could also be captioned, "boat life vs professional aircraft mechanic". 
That's why I'm short a canning jar!

"There's a leek in the boat!"

Bonita's Cantina for #TacoTuesday

So many ideas in my brain that I'm taking notes on my iPad AND a notebook, but not getting any ACTUAL writing done.  #goodproblem

#sailing #sunset #nofilter

For my STT peeps,
We finally got up enough motivation to take the safari bus halfway across the island to grocery shop at Cost-U-Less. We were rewarded with some treats (Ocean Spray grapefruit juice & Presidente) and good deals (if you have room for a case of tonic water)...

Awkward photos are an attempt to show pricing.

FB page, "Odin Eats":  Things are quiet here on Odin, as we count down the days until our haul out.  My current time-filler is flipping through recipes, which usually results in visiting the 5+ grocery stores on the island.  {gulp}:  I have an idea for a pasta dish for lunch.  After flipping through recipes, this looks like my base.  I've attempted versions of this before and they weren't up to par.  I didn't know I needed to look up a recipe for pasta, olive oil & garlic!  
Here's the proper technique for Aglio e Olio...

While scrubbing the dinghy bottom, I glance down & see a group of Blue Tang swimming underneath me.  #Priceless Thanks for the company 
#STT #USVInice

And here's your Sahara Dust #sunset #nofilter

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