Thursday, March 30, 2017

Special Report: Hiking Ram's Head from Salt Pond Bay, St. John, USVI(Update)

The sign pointing you up the trail

(Update see link below to download free charts & GPS coordinates!)
We are on a National Park mooring at Salt Pond Bay, St. John, USVI.  It's time for another National Park Trail hike!  It's 1 mile and 273 ft up from Salt Pond beach to the top of Ram's Head with magnificent views along the way.

Come off the sandy beach and head south

You climb a small rise and suddenly have a view of a beautiful rocky beach

I could have photographed this all day

Listen to the tinkle the rocks make when the water recedes after a wave...

The Captain waiting up ahead for me to move along

It's a National Park so it's "Leave only footprints/bubbles" but that doesn't stop some from moving things around!  This wasn't me.  I'm not that patient.  Someone should probably spell out Odin and take a pic.  Please send it to me!

Continuing along the shoreline

And then we start up again

View towards the BVI side

A view down to the St. John side & the rocky beach we followed up

The only other sign on the trail.  I think we're here!

From atop Ram's Head looking west, a view of the south coast of St. John with St. Thomas in the far back left.

As we turn to head back, Norman's, BVI is on our right and our mooring field on the left.

Some of the Turkish Cap cactus had berries.  "Are they poisonous?"  "They don't taste poisonous."  {Sigh}  Google says they aren't.  They also aren't peyote or agave.  Before Google, we needed a set of encyclopedias or a library to settle our discussions!

The inside of the berry

Back along the rocky beach.  Mother Nature is a a magnificent artist

Heading back up off the rocky beach

Boat in sight!  I'm ready for a swim.
Download free charts & GPS coordinates!

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