Monday, May 30, 2016

More Bumfuzzle than Pardey

Ahhhhh, remember the Dodge minivan?  "Crap, Mom.  There's not even any room for me back here!"

The latest Bumfuzzle blog post, Comfortable:

We've always been more Bumfuzzle than Pardey.  This new post is particularly timely.  When we moved from our house to the boat, it filled every inch of a Dodge minivan.  As we prepare to head back to the States and buy an RV for hurricane season, the reality of how simplified our life has become is apparent.  I can pack in a backpack.  Granted, the RV will be more "summer cabin" than "home".  Technically, the cat's list is almost as long as mine:  food, anti-anxiety medicine, some litter & pee-pads until we can buy her a second Breeze litter pan, treats, her book of health certificates, her favorite towel... (I tried to buy her a separate seat, mostly so she could have her own carry-on.  She moved to the boat with her own backpack full of food & toys!).  For us:  iPads, Kindles, underwear & a few changes of clothes (actually, we now buy our underwear at WalMart and hopefully there is still a bin of clothes in storage in STL).  I may pack an extra duffle with:  the expensive electric tea pot we only use at the dock because it turned out to be too high an electrical draw.  Maybe the Nutribullet, since it's small & too expensive for a duplicate.  iPod and Iridium GO!, all wrapped in a small blanket that isn't getting used in the Caribbean.  Mostly, so we have a spare duffle that can be used to haul boat parts back!  (Captain approved!)

Oh, and a restaurant with air conditioning?  What's that?!

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