Thursday, November 26, 2015

Hanging out with Jack Nicklaus

North Lake Worth/N Palm Beach, FL Anchorage

Day 1 (Thurs):  Facebook post--"Here it is. Plan A--this is our last planned destination in the US. North Lake Worth anchorage in N Palm Beach. There's a crossing window tomorrow. We'll get ready today, get up early and recheck weather, then GO or go back to bed (Thanksgiving in the Bahamas or at the Thai restaurant across the bridge).  Be sure to click to see the full pic--I figured out the panoramic feature!"  

NOT a weather window for us

Day 2 (Fri):  Facebook post--"We're still in the anchorage, folks.  It was supposed to a good crossing day, but our concern was the deteriorating weather in the Bahamas on Sun. We would have been racing to a sheltered anchorage, before or after clearing customs. Turns out the winds are already shifting and there are storms along our intended route. Boo.  It looks like all our neighbors made the same decision."
The weather cycle this time of year tends to yield a weather window every 7 days, so we get comfy. I catch up on the blog. In the afternoon, we decide it's time for an emergency run to the Vet. Amelia the Cat's health has been deteriorating. She sleeps ALL day. The Captain wakes her up to eat & drink. Sometimes she appears disoriented and she is definitely having trouble getting around (and sometimes standing). She doesn't beg for treats anymore. Sometimes I'm afraid I'm hurting her when I pick her up. She had gone 24-hours without eating.  We don't want her to be in pain or starve. We expect the worst. Instead, the vet says, "She's lost some muscle mass, but her blood work is excellent for a cat her age. I can give her a steroid shot to make her more comfortable (arthritis) and that will also increase her appetite."  Phew!  It is supposed to take 24-hours for the full effect. We're cautiously optimistic. 

GF Philly Cheesesteak.  Woo hoo!

Day 3 (Sat):  We decide to run some errands, so we head to Bed, Bath & Beyond (refill SodaStream cartridge & bigger stovetop coffeepot).  Even a short walk requires waiting for a bridge!  We head to Jersey Mike's subs for lunch. They have gf sub rolls, so I have my first philly cheesesteak in years--maybe a decade? Our anchorage is also a popular water skiing/jet ski spot for the locals so that is the afternoon entertainment. 24 hours later the cat is improved. Still a little shaky, but up moving around, eating and begging for greenies.

Women Who Sail Meet-up at Old Port Cove restaurant.  Annette from Southernmost and Clive from Sitara

Day 4 (sun):  Rainy day chores including cleaning the fridge strainer (not his favorite job). Amelia is up, playing with a toy and going out into the cockpit to be brushed. The Captain has taken over the helicopter parent role, encouraging her to eat 3 meals a day and go out into the cockpit for awhile.  In the evening, we dinghy over to Old Port Cove Marina for a Women Who Sail meet-up (including husbands).  We called ahead, but still feel like we are sneaking into the mega-yacht marina. We head out early hoping to miss then rain and grab a table in the bar. 5 min earlier or later, we probably would have missed the rain shower. They don't have a dinghy dock, so we tie to the fuel dock and walk all the way across the large marina to the restaurant. (Turns out there is a dock behind the restaurant with a cleat). The Sitara crew are experienced cruisers and Southernmost is newer than us, so the conversation is lively.  We stay way longer than we planned and have to dinghy back in the dark.  It's supposed to be a chilly evening, so hatches are closed and a blanket is dug out. Cuddling :-)

"Dinghy dock?!"  Beach at the base of the bridge

Day 5 (Mon):  It was 61F when I woke up!  Flannel PJ's.  We head back in for another walk (Bed, Bath & Beyond exchange.  We have to wait for the bridge both ways.  "Were we in there 30 mins?  How come we can't do that in the boat.") Then to the West Marine flagship store, and even the First Mate does some damage (new shorts, extra flag since our is getting tattered and extra holding tank treatment).  They have excellent customer service, helping me download $20 worth of gift cards I'd forgot to bring (Note to self--do not let Captain set passwords).  It turns out the NY-style pizza ("pie") place next door has a gluten-free crust so we treat ourselves again, with a quick stop by Publix on the way back. White beans and cornbread in the pressure cooker for dinner.

Rumor is that's m/y Sea Bear, which belongs to the Golden Bear, Jack Nicklaus

Day 6 (Tues):  It's supposed to be windy today so The Captain does a few chores inside (pulls down the ceiling in storage to fix a leak discovered during yesterdays rainstorm) while I write up our hurricane plan for the insurance company (good times).  I also followed up with the Vet on the phone and he confirms a shot every 4-6 weeks is ideal, but he can give me some oral prednisone to take with us. We're optimistic about taking her on the trip as we hear from a fellow cruiser that their cat is sick and won't be going back to their boat with them.
Another catamaran snuggles up on our end of the anchorage along with 2 monohulls. Since the last weather window closed it's swollen from less than 30 to over 40 boats.  We're also surrounded by Canadians, perhaps because many of our fellow Americans have found a cozy marina that serves a turkey dinner.

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