Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Follow along our path

Several of you are following our actual route.  Here's some tips:

We mark all of our stops on a google earth map (You can zoom in or out.  This has so much detail, we use it to check out marina layouts and anchorages.  Once, we spotted some shoaling near where we were anchored!  We also amuse ourselves my trying to see if any of the boats in the picture are still there.  Yep, we have a lot of free time!)  This is not "live", but I try to keep it updated as soon as I get to some wifi:
Odin's track on Google Maps

(If we have cell phone coverage):  When we're moving, we "check in" on Odin's Facebook page every hour or two, or as we pass something of note.  (If we post "passing", you can click on the name in bold and this will usually get you to a map where you can zoom in or out.)  This doesn't require a Facebook log in for now.

(If we don't have cell phone coverage):  We have an Iridium GO we'll be using to post our position.  Stay tuned for more info.

If you want more information you could also join ActiveCaptain.com.  We use it for waterway alerts and reviews of marinas/anchorages.

Also, the ICW is marked on nautical charts as a magenta (it's really pink) line.

The Captain uses a Simrad chartplotter with Navionics software as our primary source of navigation, however: 
  • We also have Maptech Chartkit paper charts for the ICW, that we previously used for planning:  Amazon link to Maptech Chartkit
  • The First Mate uses the iPad Garmin Blue Chart app for planning and for live access to ActiveCaptain alerts (the app is free and as I recall, you can purchase charts for around $30).
If you follow our Facebook page, you'll notice the blog isn't "live."  It's usually 2-4 days behind.  It takes awhile to edit & add pics, which requires decent wifi.
Hope you have fun following along!

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