Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Albemarle Plantation/Albemarle Loop Report

The report I posted on the Women Who Sail forum (Facebook):

Albemarle Plantation Report (  This was our first stop on the "Albemarle Loop," a new route created a month ago by a group here at the Plantation off the Yeopim River.  (OK, technically our second stop, but we were already going to Elizabeth City).  If you want to explore the sound (or just need a break from the ICW), this is a great option.  We're headed south and it was 35 miles from Elizabeth City (or 20 miles off the ICW).  It is one of 6 marinas that offer 48-hour free docks (2 marinas have fixed bridges--check your height).  This is a golfing and boating community that has opened their door to transients, especially those on the ICW.  We called ahead to let them know we were coming and were greeted very warmly by Michael, the harbor master.  They even had an extra wide slip available for our catamaran (and it was our first!)  A couple of residents also stopped to grab lines.  We received a golf cart tour of the amenities, then they left a loaner golf court at the end of the pier for us.  We had water, electricity (50-amp in our slip, but 30-amp is supposed to be available--bring your adaptor), wifi and free pump out.  Fuel is also available.  There is a Dockside Cafe just outside the marina that serves food and alcohol on Sunday & Monday (with an excellent wine collection) and a screened in porch.  There are also public bathrooms, showers & a washer/dryer available 24-hours a day in this building.  Other days you can walk/take a golf cart a short way to the Clubhouse for casual or formal dining.  They have a tennis courts, a pool, rent kayaks or canoes and can arrange a round of golf with clubs.

It's official.  We're told that we're the first loopers!  We lost track of the people that came by to say hello and to welcome us to their home marina.  Tuesday at 1:00 was the club sailboat race and it was fun to sit in the cockpit and watch everyone coming and going.  They also have an PGA event coming at the end of the month.

The only caution is to watch your depth.  We never saw less than 5 ft but it is a shallow entry (marked well with private buoys)--there are several sailboats based here.  There also isn't a lot of shopping nearby, but were told that a grocery store delivers and several people offered us rides into town.

If you aren't in a hurry, need a few days to do chores while at a dock, and like to sit back and enjoy the scenery with a good book, this is the place for you.  There are even adirondack chairs on the point overlooking the marina.

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