Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What's the plan?

Plan?  We don't have a plan.  Well we do, but it is as changeable as the wind.  

We originally were shopping for a traditional, monohull sailboat.  After several boat shopping trips, and taking one boat to survey, we ended up switching to catamarans.

We originally planned to start from the Seattle bay area and work our way down to the Mexico and the Sea of Cortez.  We ended up buying a boat in Maryland.

SO, we are somewhere around plan C and we haven't even started yet.  Yes, we have a tentative plan.  A couple weeks at the dock to finish up some boat chores and do some day sailing with an instructor.  A few weeks anchored out as we adjust to life "on the hook" which involves a dinghy, water and electricity management, limited TV and internet, and life without a car ("Who wants to walk to the grocery store?"  Me!  Me!).  Then we'll begin to explore the Chesapeake Bay before we head south down the coast and the inter-coastal waterway (ICW) for warmer waters. The Bahamas is the first tentative destination--but stay tuned.  Husband once said he wouldn't do the ICW or the Bahamas, but now that we have a shallow draft boat, it's back on the table.  It's hard to keep up.  I can tell you after doing some kayaking with him in Missouri, he's definitely is a "ooh--what's over there?!" kind-of-guy.  The plan changes with the wind, water, checkbook and whim of the moving parts of Odin.

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